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The option of a dedicated mobile website version can be an often overlooked feature that your visitors will thank you for by way of better sales conversions.With this option for mobile device users you can help your new and exising clients find the information they are looking for as soon as possible without cluttering the smaller display on most smart phones and tablets. But how much will it cost and how do you go about it? Usually you would go about this via two ways – using a CMS plugin or building a dedicated mobile site.

A CMS Plugin
When your site has been built with a favourable Content Management System (CMS) like Joomla or WordPress you are in luck. With the simple addition of plugs in, such as WPTouch, and you can quite quickly establish a mobile website version. You can then spend the time on how the mobile version will be utilised as opposed to excessive developer costs. Generally plug ins work by ignoring larger items such as flash and Java as well as providing better navigation methods. Consider as well that plugins will especially maximise the important information to the most exposed areas and make pages such as main selling highlights highly visible.

Dedicated site
A highly customised mobile website version, although more expensive, can provide some excellent results for iPhone or iPad users.. If you don’t have a CMS and can’t utilise a plugin, a mobile website option can be created from the start and highly customised. A mobile website version will hosted as m.thewebsite.com so users can see in the URL they are visiting the dedicated mobile site. Excellent dedicated mobile sites can be tested perusing the technical innovators out of the major banks, as well as insurance companies who create the site more like a dedicated App as opposed to using a website at all.
Don’t Forget
however you go about a mobile website version, try to keep the following items in mind.
1)    Do not aim to have all the information from your main site available.
2)    Should have a link to your usual website as an option.
3)    Explain to visitors that they are using the mobile website version.
4)    Increase functionality to access important details such as contact details.
5)    Make use of handy links for phone numbers & emails so visitors can simply click to contact.
6)    Support current and possibly future devices if possible
7)    Don’t over complicate the mobile site with music, graphics etc.
8)    Thouroughly test the functionality and usability of the website.

Always keep in mind the mobile version is there to compliment your main site and increase sales conversion rates. Making it easier for mobile customers to view your latest blog RSS feed is only going to help attracting new customers. Keep in mind the 8 tips mentioned and you stand a good chance of easily achieving this goal. Additionally contact us 7 days for help as well as for new computer deals.

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